To decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, make ribbon bows, create a ribbon tree topper or use the ribbon as garland. Tie the look in with the rest of the decorations by using the ribbon on packages, as tie-backs on curtains or around a door frame.

A person can forgo traditional lights and tinsel on the Christmas tree by choosing to use ribbon. There are a number of different ways ribbon can be used to decorate the tree.

Step 1: Make bows for the branches

Create bows from fabric ribbon by looping it and securing in the middle with a piece of florist's wire. Use the wire to secure the bows to the branches of the Christmas tree.

Step 2: Use a large bow as a tree topper

Make an oversize bow for the top of the tree as a unique replacement for a traditional star or angel. Use ribbon streamers to cascade from the bow to the bottom of the tree for a dramatic effect.

Step 3: Use ribbon as a garland

Wrap a long length of ribbon around the tree as a garland. For a homey, country look, consider using burlap ribbon. For a classic look, use a red and green patterned ribbon.