To create invitations, consider the occasion, visit a digital invitation website and add custom features. Invitations can then be digitally printed or ordered as paper copies.

  1. Consider the occasion

    Invitations can be created for a variety of events including birthdays, graduations, retirement parties and the holidays. Before a template can be created, consider the occasion to determine the appropriate graphics to construct. Choose the best color schemes, images and fonts for a particular occasion.

  2. Visit a digital invitation or event planning website

    Websites such as and allow users to customize invitations. These websites offer invitation creation wizards that make it convenient for a user to add custom features. In addition, invitations can be previewed as each change is made. These services also provide you with the option to either print the invitations at home or have them directly delivered to the appropriate recipient.

  3. Add custom features

    Once a service provider is chosen, the body of the invitation, including text, images and graphics must be created. Invitation generation websites come with built-in graphics; however, you can also add your own custom graphics if desired. Moreover, trending designs are recommended for those who do not have experience creating invitations. Once all content is added, the invitations are ready to be delivered.