To choose an event catering service, ask for recommendations, consider the costs, check company experience and learn more about the types of services available. Choosing a professional catering service provider can help take off pressure from organizers and allow everyone at the event to have a good time.

To pick the right event catering service provider, research should be done early. Picking the wrong service provider can lead to multiple complications including higher costs and poor service delivery. Use the following steps to choose the right catering service.

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Talk to friends, relatives or colleagues who may have some knowledge regarding event catering services. Use the recommendations to make a short list. Take advantage of online resources to carry out in-depth research regarding the providers on the list.

  3. Request quotes from service providers
  4. Ask each service provider to give a quote regarding the event in question. Compare the various quotes and narrow down the list to the most affordable.

  5. Consider experience
  6. Consider the experience each provider on the short list has achieved. Choose a provider that is reputable in providing the type of services most desired.

  7. Make contact and finalize the deal
  8. Be sure to contact the suitable catering service provider early. This will allow them to make timely preparations for the event.