Surprise your husband on your anniversary by giving him something not only unexpected but also unique. Gifts, a trip to a favorite destination and treats from favorite places are a few ideas.

To pamper a husband, gift a relaxing, high-end shave and head massage at an old-fashioned barber shop. The oils and creams they use are certain to relax him.

Another idea is to create something specifically for him. Whether it's a hand-knit sweater, a compilation of his favorite songs, or a song written and recorded just for him, the personal touch is the winning gift.

A surprise getaway is always a hit as well. Tell him you are going one place and then amaze him with an unexpected night at a hotel or fancy restaurant. Another twist could lead him to the beginning of a clue hunt, where he has to follow leads that take him to his favorite places and end in a grand surprise.

Staying home is always an option. Dinner in bed and private flirting can go a long way.

The best surprises do two things. Firstly, they use a magician's trick of misdirection. Secondly, they make the person feel special. Doing something that is just for him makes him feel like a king for a day.