Booker Dewitt is not in “Bioshock.” He is the main and only playable character in “BioShock Infinite,” which is the third installment in the video-game series. “BioShock Infinite” was published by 2K Games and developed by Irrational Games. It is a first-person shooter that was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and OS X.

In “BioShock Infinite,” players take control of Booker Dewitt, a disgraced former agent from the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He also fought in the 7th Cavalry during the Wounded Knee massacre. During the game, Dewitt heads to the city of Columbia to pay off an outstanding debt. To do this, he has to track down a girl named Elizabeth and escort her out of the city.

Due to the scar on his right hand, Dewitt is often referred to as the False Shepherd by the citizens of Columbia. At the beginning of the game, Dewitt comes across as aloof and cold. In fact, he initially lies to Elizabeth, making her believe that they are flying to Paris when, in actuality, they are flying to New York. As the game progresses, however, Dewitt starts to show genuine concern for Elizabeth, as he tries to get her safely out of the city.