Some of the characters in “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor” include the unnamed protagonist, Yuzu Tanikawa, Atsuro Kihara and Naoya. “Devil Survivor” is a tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo DS and part of the “Megami Tensei” franchise. The game was also adapted into a manga.

The player is allowed to name the game’s 17-year-old protagonist, and different choices throughout the course of the game determine what sort of character he becomes. As the game progresses, it is revealed that the hero is a reincarnation of Abel, the biblical martyr. His reincarnated status makes him capable of becoming a new divine entity that could stand against God. In the manga version of the story, he is named Kazuya Minegishi.

Yuzu is the protagonist’s childhood friend, potential love interest and one of the game’s other major characters. While she is frightened by the supernatural events in the story, she stands her ground to fight. Yuzu expresses disapproval at the prospect of the protagonist going against God.

Naoya is the protagonist’s cousin who also serves the role of an older brother. A master computer programmer, it is later revealed in the story that he is the reincarnation of the biblical murderer Cain, and that is he is cursed with memories of all his past lives.

Atsuro is the protagonist’s other best friend, an easygoing computer whiz who loves technology. Atsuro considers himself to be Naoya’s apprentice.