Visit for a list of KitPVP servers. An alternate list is available at Both of these sources conveniently list how many players each server currently hosts.

KitPVP offers a specialized type of Minecraft experience. On a Kit PVP server, each player picks a standardized kit or template with unique characteristics. Then the player engages in PVP (person-versus-person) play, usually in a free-for-all combat arena. Since each kit has different characteristics, players must adjust their playing styles to get the most out of kits. For example, the "dragon" kit enables players to breathe fire on their opponents to deadly effect.

Although free-for-all is the most popular type of combat in KitPVP, players also compete in one-on-one bouts and other types of battles. In most KitPVP servers, players earn coins or credits when they defeat other players in combat. Individual KitPVP servers have differing available kits and credit systems. Sometimes, players can spend credits on "buffs," power-ups that make recipients more formidable.

KitPVP Minecraft was developed shortly after Minecraft 1.2.5 was released in April 2012. In its various versions and permutations, Minecraft has achieved unprecedented success with gamers of all ages. As of 2015, Minecraft has sold 33 million copies worldwide.