Most yarn and craft-supply companies offer free patterns through their websites. Many are all-inclusive kits to help beginners. These patterns are for small projects such as scarves, mittens, socks or hats.

As a beginner, the knitter should decide if she is going to knit with needles, on a round loom or on a flat loom. The patterns differ depending on the method chosen. Once she has decided what method she wants to start with, she has multiple choices for finding patterns. She can search the websites of loom manufacturers and yarn suppliers, or simply perform a generic Google search by entering phrases such as "free knitting patterns" or "free loom-knitting patterns."

If no Internet access is available or a printer for printing out the free patterns, another option is to buy an all-in-one beginner's kit from a physical retail store. These kits typically include the loom or needles, yarn and patterns for simple projects that teach the basics about the knitting style chosen. Kits are also available that contain promotional DVD instructions along with the other required items. These kits are ideal if a person isn't sure what she needs or what type of yarn is best for the project.