Black silicone babies can be found online at specialty retailers, such as Lorna Miller Sands Babies. In addition, a few Etsy merchants sell these kinds of dolls.

Lorna Miller-Sands is an artist who does limited editions of black silicone baby dolls. To reserve a doll, a buyer must place a deposit through the online store This artist also makes custom silicone babies. The buyer can select the doll’s features including eye color, hair color, skin tone and body shape, i.e. chubby or thin. She specializes in life-size, black babies with authentic skin tones that are unique to the black child.

The easiest way to find these dolls on is to do a search with the phrase “silicone reborn baby.” A buyer can then view the individual listings to find a black baby. A search in April, 2015 produced babies ranging in price from $375 to $1,850. For example, the seller Roz Bailey Doll Art has a listing for Emory, a limited edition black silicone baby, for $1,850. He is 20 inches long and weighs approximately 9 pounds 12 ounces. This artist uses glove molds that are designed to minimize seams and silicone paints that have been sealed to ensure durability. Roz Bailey also accepts custom orders as do many of the Etsy artisans.

Solid silicone babies are extremely realistic, soft, squishy and bendy. They are sculpted by an artist from clay and then reproduced either by the artist or a manufacturer into silicone.