American Girl dolls are sold exclusively at American Girl stores. An American Girl store has mini-stores inside of the main store, such as a restaurant, bookstore and hair salon for dolls.

American Girl has 18 stores nationwide, offering different experiences and events. Each store carries clothing lines for girls with matching outfits for the dolls. At some of the locations, American Girl offers birthday parties that include a meal, cake and ice cream for each guest. Several party packages are available from which to choose, which include special extras, such as games, crafts and other activities.

The American Girl website sells dolls, books, clothing, furniture and accessories. Also on the website, a doll can be admitted to the hospital where she can get a wellness visit, her ears pierced and hearing aids. The doll can get "surgery" to acquire a new head, limbs or eyes. The doll gets "discharged" from the hospital and sent home three weeks later.

The Chicago, Los Angeles and New York locations have in-store photo studios where a girl and her doll can get their picture taken and be on the cover of a personalized souvenir issue of the American Girl magazine. Each girl picks her own backdrop for her photo shoot, and there are several photo packages to choose from.