In "Pokemon Platinum," after the player frees the Lake Guardians, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, each Lake Guardian returns to a separate lake. The player then has the option of capturing them if they visit Lake Verity, Lake Acuity and Lake Valor.

To catch the Lake Guardians, the player must choose to press the switch and free them after defeating Team Galactic. A Pokémon with the Surf ability is also required to get to each of the Guardians.

In the center of each lake the player finds a small island with a cave in the center. Each of the three Guardians is found in one of these caves after they have been freed. The player may then initiate a battle by speaking to them, and capture them with a Pokeball when they are significantly weakened.

Azelf and Uxie stay in one place and wait for the player, but Mesprit wants to play a game of chase with the player first. Once the player talks to Mesprit, it begins the chase. The player can track Mesprit's current location by using the Map Marker App. In combat, Mesprit also attempts to run away when it is weak. The Mean Look ability prevents Mesprit from fleeing.