“Zuma's Revenge” is a puzzle adventure game in which a player must match three or more same-colored balls using a computer mouse to aim. The goal is to fill the Zuma bar to move onto the next stage. During boss battles, a player must match same-colored balls and hit the boss with them as they fly off of the game board. A player can buy the game online from BigFishGames.com or play it for free via the MSN Game Zone.

In “Zuma's Revenge,” a player must survive in the newly evolved world of Zuma where tiki bosses rule the land. To take out the evil tiki bosses, a player must fill up the Zuma bar and prevent the balls from filling up and touching the skull icon. If the balls touch the skull icon, the player must start the stage over, and he loses one frog.

Filling up the Zuma bar prevents new ball colors from entering the play field. However, a player still has to clear the remaining balls off the screen before he can move on to the next level. Sometimes, balls turn into special balls that grants the player certain power-ups such as slowing down the movement of balls. After a player completes a stage, he receives a results screen on which he can view his max combo, max chain and overall score.