"Desert Treasures" is one of the quests in the game "Runescape." It is a long and extremely challenging quest involving multiple steps and skills and is typically only attempted by advanced players.

The quest begins after the player hears rumors about a treasure discovered by an archaeologist and the share that would come to anyone who helps to find it. The first step involves finding the archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp, which is located southwest of the Shantay Pass. Speaking with the archaeologist begins the chain of tasks which must be completed.

  • "The Myth of Azzanadra"
  • "The Blood Diamond"
  • "The Ice Diamond"
  • "The Smoke Diamond"
  • "The Shadow Diamond"
  • "The Pyramid of Azzanadra"

Once successfully completed, the player receives knowledge of the Ancient Magicks from Azzanadra.