The inscription profession in World of Warcraft allows a scribe to create glyphs that boost class powers rather than equipment features. Scribes require pigments milled from herbs to create glyphs, and players often choose herbalism as a secondary profession.

Inscription, introduced in the "Wrath of the Lich King" expansion, allows scribes to augment their own powers and to create consumable scrolls, pieces of vellum and mystic tomes they can trade with other players. Glyphs can increase damage or healing capabilities, and all classes can use them. Vellums are tradable containers for enchantments, and tomes are off-hand items that boots attributes. Scribes can also collect cards tradable for gear or trinkets at the Darkmoon Faire. Choosing herbalism as a supplementary profession allows players to collect herbs instead of relying on merchants to sell them. Additional inscription equipment needed includes inking sets and parchment from vendors.

To learn inscription, players must visit the inscription trainer in the first town outside the starting area after completing Level 5. Apprentice-level training costs 10 coppers and grants a potential skill of 75. Trainers for higher skill levels are located in every major city, but the proficiency levels available depend on characters' experience levels. For Master skill levels and above, players must install expansion packs that allow them to increase experience levels and access new areas.