Some of the companion characters in "Fallout New Vegas" include Lily, Raul Tejada and Veronica. Other companions include Ed-E, Rex, Arcade Gannon and Greg Boone.

The companions available in "Fallout New Vegas" come in a variety of races, including humans, androids and robots, and all companions grant special perks. Human companions include Craig Boone, who has the Spotter perk, making it easier to target enemies, and Veronica, whose Scribe Assistant perk grants access to a portable work bench. Another human companion is Arcade Gannon, who grants the Better Healing perk, which increases the amount of health restored by using Stimpaks and eating food.

Animal and robot companions are also among those available in "Fallout New Vegas." Some of these include Ed-E, a floating robot that must be repaired for him to join the player, and Rex, a robot dog that can be purchased. Ed-E grants the Enhanced Sensors perk, which increases the range from which the player can detect enemies, and Rex grants the Search and Mark perk, which makes it easier for the player to find items on the ground. Rex is also able to equip different brains to use different perks, such as Faithful Protector, which increases his attack damage, Unshakeable Tracker, which makes him faster, and Blood of the Legion, which increases his health.