Gathering wood, properly building a home, creating a lot of torches and building a furnace are some key crafting tips in Terraria. These tips are great for first-time players of the game as well as those who haven't played it very long.

Wood is an essential part of all basic crafting; gather it immediately at the start of every game. Chopping down trees and stumps is the quickest way to gather wood. Use the wood to craft a workbench, which is a cornerstone for most future crafting projects.

A home in Terraria should consist, at a minimum, of two walls, a door on one wall, a roof and a backing material that creates a third wall on the background of the game screen. A sturdy wooden house keeps monsters at bay and provides a place to store items and recuperate in between adventures.

Torches are essential crafting objects that are useful in both houses and when exploring underground. Torches are easy to create by killing slime monsters and using the gel that they drop to combine with wood and craft torches.

After gathering a few stones, craft a furnace. Furnaces are excellent in houses as they are used for cooking food and for crafting strong metals for use in other crafting projects.