Sleepover pranks are a classic way of introducing some excitement to a slumber party. Some popular pranks include mischievous activities that also avoid making anyone feel picked on or singled out.

Those who want to pull a prank at a sleepover but don't want to seem mean or bullying might want to focus on pranks that affect the whole group rather than singling out one person.

  • Switch Clothes
  • This prank requires someone to stay awake after everyone else has fallen asleep. Then, the prankster can take items out of people's bags and put them in other people's bags; this will create confusion in the morning.

  • Midnight Makeover
  • This prank also requires someone being awake while others are asleep. The prankster can apply makeup like nail polish and lipstick and laugh at the effects in the morning.

  • Theme Prank
  • Tell one or two of the people you invite that the party will be a costume party. They will show up looking silly, which is a funny prank for any party, not just a slumber party.

  • Spooky Visitors
  • It can be fun to introduce a spooky mood at a slumber party by arranging a ghostly visitor. Have a parent or sibling dress up like a ghost to surprise guests.

  • Alarming Surprises
  • Because sleeping isn't really the point of a sleepover, it can be funny to set some old fashioned alarm clocks to go off late at night and hide them around the room where everyone is sleeping.