According to IGN, "Grand Theft Auto IV" features a money cheat that allows the player to take money from someone after that person makes a withdrawal from an ATM. The player will need to injure the person, then run away before returning to take the money; if repeated, money will appear every time. The player should first create a traffic jam nearby to prevent ambulances from reaching the injured person.

According to, "Grand Theft Auto IV" is an open world action-adventure video game published by Rockstar Games. The video game was released for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles in April 2008. Within the first week of its release, "Grand Theft Auto IV" earned $500 million. A PC version for Microsoft Windows was released later, in December 2008. The soundtrack for the game was also released separately.

"Grand Theft Auto IV" takes place in a fictional city called Liberty City. In the game, players control a character named Niko. Niko moves to Liberty City in the hope of living the "American Dream" and to get revenge on someone who betrayed him. After its release, the video game received generally positive reviews and even won several awards, including "Game of the Year."