There are many different ways to use lace in crafts, from DIY jewelry to clothing embellishment to the use of lace as a stencil to paint on furniture, walls and fabric. Strips of lace can be used on its own as a trim or embellishment for a skirt, blanket or tablecloth, or individual flowers and other shapes can be cut out of pieces of lace to make appliques that can be applied to everything from picture frames to cupcakes. Necessary supplies will depend on the project, but in general, lace crafts require scissors, lace and some sort of adhesive, such as glue or a needle and thread.

Lace is a beautiful material that can be purchased at relatively low costs and used to decorate or embellish a wide variety of materials. Those who appreciate a more rustic look can use lace trim to dress up a Mason jar to serve as a candle votive. This simply requires a clean jar, a piece of lace trim, scissors, glue and a candle that can fit into the jar. More elaborate lace crafts may require more skill, time and money, but it is possible to use lace to make a shawl or wrap that can be worn around the shoulders in lightly chilly weather.