The seed -1117816657125390683 is listed as one of the best for TU27. features an article titled "Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds" that contains this and other popular seeds, and it lists their defining features. There are several other forums and online articles dedicated to collecting seeds for particularly interesting or fun "Minecraft" worlds, including the official forums at

Many online resources also exist for players searching for a specific type of map as of 2015., for instance, features multiple articles containing lists of seeds specifically featuring villages. Many of these articles also contain pictures of the worlds for each seed to help players looking for specific experiences or types of worlds.

A helpful "Minecraft" article on is "Ultimate Minecraft Seed Guide," which includes nearly 200 different seeds as of December 2015. These seeds are organized into lists such as "Top Ten Survival Seeds" and "The 10 Best Minecraft Seeds for City Building Projects." The article is regularly updated with lists created by the "Minecraft" community and features new seeds with each new "Minecraft" version.

It is also worth reading through's article, "Why some Minecraft seeds don't work," which goes over some of the most common issues players run into when trying to recreate specific worlds.