There are a few main approaches to the perfect college dorm prank. The best strategy may be to pick a specific category and fill in the details based on who's getting pranked.

To pull the perfect dorm prank, focus on one of the following prank categories.

  • Filling a Room
  • This prank works by filling a small space such as a dorm room with a lot of something. Depending on how cruel the prankers want to be, this can be something extremely difficult to clean up that will leave a lasting impression, like greasy movie theater popcorn, or it can be something easier, like balloons.

  • Using Duct Tape
  • Duct tape is strong, meaning it can be used for almost any prank project, from taping up someone's furniture to a wall or ceiling to replacing a roommate's bedding with sheets and pillows fashioned out of tape.

  • Moving Furniture
  • Moving someone's entire room into a different room can be a diabolically simple and clever prank. This is a good act of revenge that doesn't involve any property damage.

  • Wrapping and Covering
  • There are several different ways to do this one. Pranksters can cover every item in a dorm room, including books and furniture, with wrapping paper, newspaper, tin foil or saran wrap. Not only does it have a big visual impact, but it takes forever to clean up.

  • Blocking a Doorway
  • This is a particularly good prank to pull while someone is still in their room. Tape a bunch of half-full cups of water up against the door. Just make sure the door opens inward before getting started.