Telephone, mosquito bites, shoe king and match spear are great games for outdoor bonfire parties. Other fun activities include singing, sharing spooky stories and playing truth or lies.

The mosquito bites game starts by giving everyone a sheet with tiny red stickers. The aim is for each person to get rid of all his stickers by the time the bonfire ends by secretly placing them on other players. If a person is caught doing this, he has to keep his own sticker and take one from the person who caught him in the act. The winner is the first person with an empty sheet.

To play the telephone game, each person whispers a phrase to the next until the message gets to the last player. This game does not have a winner; the fun lies in how much the final whispered message differs from the original.

Shoe king is a game in which players have to balance one of their shoes on their toes. They then have to flick the shoe backward over their heads in a direction opposite to the bonfire. The person who flings the shoe the farthest distance over their heads is the winner.

To play match spear, pick an object, such as a bread roll or an empty dish. The players stand at a specified distance away from the object and attempt to throw unlit matchsticks at the object. The winners are all those who hit the object within a certain number of throws.