Some good cheat codes for "Saints Row" include #3855432584 for infinite health, #2666 for infinite ammo and #777468 for infinite sprint. Over a dozen more cheat codes can be entered to alter the way in which "Saints Row" plays. Other codes allow players to reduce police and gang notoriety, repair vehicles and earn an instant $1,000 to make a playthrough easier.

The numerical codes are input by accessing the in-game phone; to do this, press the right or left trigger buttons to highlight the cellphone, and select Dial. At this screen, you can key in the cheat codes one at a time.

Other codes that are available for input spawn weapons at the main character's hub, known as Crib. Weapons that can be spawned include the .44 Shepherd, AS12 riot, crowbar, hand grenade and MacManus sniper rifle, in addition to a Molotov cocktail and NR4. To obtain the weapon, go back to your Crib. Once the weapon is procured, you can use the infinite ammo code to have an infinite supply of that weapon.

Entering cheat codes for "Saints Row" disables all achievements for that play session, but once the game is reset, the cheat codes are disabled and achievements are again obtainable.