Some fun Santa games for kids include “Rush Rush Santa” and “Santa vs Jack.” Both of these are free online Flash games that do not require players to download anything.

In “Rush Rush Santa,” players have to help Santa deliver presents on a scooter after his sled breaks down. They have to throw presents to people on the street while dodging traffic and picking up coins and extra presents. Players use the computer keyboard to steer and throw presents. The arrow keys move Santa's scooter around the road, and the space bar throws presents. Gamers have to keep in mind that they cannot throw presents through cars, so they need to have a clear line of sight between Santa and the gift receiver.

In “Santa vs Jack,” players take control of Santa as he flies from house to house delivering presents. The goal is to deliver as many presents as possible without running into buildings and while fighting off Jack Frost. Players can obtain the highest score if they deliver all of the presents without dying. They have three lives, and lose a life every time Santa hits a building or every time Jack Frost hits Santa. In total, there are 16 presents that Santa has to deliver before the end of the stage.