Ice cream themed math games include Sundae Times, Ice Cream Truck and Cone Crazy. These games are great for kids learning math because they make the subject fun and cool.

Sundae Times is a game that helps students with their multiplication tables, specifically the x2 table through x15 tables. The goal of the game is to build the highest ice cream sundae while competing against another player. In order to earn scoops of ice cream, the player has to answer multiplication questions correctly. Each one earned raises the stack of ice cream higher.

Ice Cream Truck is a game that uses addition and subtraction to teach kids about balancing money. Players have to make a set amount of money during a ten day period running an ice cream truck. They are required to buy supplies, set prices and keep their popularity up in order to win the game. The game provides tips, and players can choose how fast the game goes.

Cone Crazy is another multiplication game; it has three settings so that players of different skill levels can challenge themselves. Players serve customers as they come into the ice cream shop. Answering the question correctly means that players can serve the customer their ice cream, while penguins make entertaining faces depending on if the answer is right or wrong.