Some cheats and tips for “AdventureQuest” include clicking on the gold trophy in the war room after winning the “Beast of Legends” battle. After this, the character sometimes get fully healed just before dying in battle. Additionally, entering training, selecting “How do I battle monsters” and waiting for a monster to appear, then clicking “cancel," gets the player Twilly as a secondary pet. These cheats don't require players to mod the game in order to use them.

Players can also make the in-game character disappear when playing “AdventureQuest.” To do this glitch, players must be a ninja and have the Shinobi Shozoku armor equipped. When those requirements are met, they must go to Zorbak's hideout and choose the option “Twilly vs. Zorbak Part 1 & 2.” Once Twilly asks the players for help, the character's body is no longer visible but is still there.

“AdventureQuest” is an online Flash role-playing game. It promises to cater to people who only have a few minutes to play and those who have hours. In this game, players battle against hordes of monsters and other enemies to grow stronger. They can also obtain strong, ancient weapons. Players don't have to download the game to play it, but they need a Web browser that runs the latest version of Adobe Flash player.