All of the cheat codes for vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV need to be entered into the mobile phone to work, with each number spawning a different vehicle, such as 2275550175 to spawn a comet, 2655550100 to spawn the NRG-900, and 2275550100 to spawn the FBI Buffalo. Additional vehicles can also be spawned at will, including the Annihilator police helicopter (3595550100), and the Jetmax (9385550100).

The Super GT can be spawned by entering 2275550168, and the Turismo by entering 2275550147. If the player also has The Lost and the Damned downloadable content, then some additional vehicles can also be spawned. These include the Hexer bike (2455550150), the Hakuchou bike (2455550199).

If the player has the Ballad of Gay Tony downloadable content, then further vehicles can be accessed using the mobile phone. These include the APC (2725558265), the Akuma Bike (6255550200), and the Buzzard helicopter (3595552899).

Completing a number of tasks in the game also unlocks some added benefits for the player. In The Lost of and the Damned for example, finishing all the gang war missions means Terry will give the player free weapons.

Finishing all stages of the drug wars in the Ballad of Gay Tony unlocks new weapons for the player at certain intervals (the .44 pistol after 10 drug wars, advanced MG after 20, explosive shotgun after 30, sticky bombs after 40, and the gold SMG after 50).