Two-player Mario games include "Mario Kart 8" and "Mario Party 10." Both games are available on the Nintendo Wii U system and support between two and four players. As of 2015, each was the latest game in its respective series.

"Mario Kart 8" is a racing game in which players choose characters from the Mario franchise and compete against each other. Anti-gravity is the newest feature introduced in this title, allowing players to drive on the walls and ceilings of select tracks if they capture the anti-gravity power-up. Other power-ups that players earn include red shells, blue shells, mushrooms and bananas. Collecting a red shell causes the next player to spin out of control, while collecting a blue shell targets the player in first place and causes him to crash. Mushrooms boost the player's speed, and bananas cause players who run into them to spin and crash, similar to red shells.

"Mario Party 10" is a party game in which players compete to finish the map and its goals first while sabotaging each other along the way. In Mario Party mode, players collect mini stars with the goal of reaching the end of the path with the most stars in hand. Coin Challenge mode sees players compete in mini-games to earn coins, with the goal of receiving the most coins. "Mario Party 10" introduces Bowser Party mode, a new mode that introduces a fifth player as Bowser who must catch and attack the other players to make them lose hearts.