Sell Beanie Babies through companies that buy or sell collectibles, such as Smart Collecting or eBay. You receive a cash amount for less than face value due to shipping costs and fee reductions from these companies.

Beanie Babies are small, plush stuffed animals created by Ty Warner. Popular in the 1990's, each animal came with a name, birthday and poem on the tag. The toys had an affordable price and were small enough to not take up much room, which increased popularity with kids and adults. Each new toy release created a buying frenzy with people camping out and standing in long lines to buy the newest addition.

The popularity of Beanie Babies led to additional product lines, such as other stuffed animals, books, movies and collector cards. While some of the original product lines have been retired, other Beanie Babies product lines are still in production, such as Basket Beanies and Beanie Boos.