Setting an alarm clock, getting a nose piercing, breaking up with a significant other, playing popular games and graduating from college are all good charade actions. Customize a game of charades to include categories that are personally meaningful to the game players.

Charades cards are easily customizable for holidays and events. During the winter holidays include "You'll shoot your eye out" from the Christmas classic movie, "The Christmas Story." Also consider holiday song titles, movies, and traditions like trimming a Christmas tree.

For a pre-wedding party game of charades include common wedding traditions and key events in wedding planning. When planning a game of charades for a church group include well-known events from Bible stories and important figures in religious history.

Outside of special events, the game of charades can be customized to the interests of party guests. Song and movie titles, classic and current televisions shows and current events are all good guides for drafting charades game cards. Once a category is chosen brainstorm several titles and consider accompanying phrases. For example, when choosing song titles also include artist names and celebrity scandals that correlate. When choosing film titles, include well-know actors and directors in the game as well.