Create an iron golem in the PC version of "Minecraft" by placing four iron blocks and a pumpkin on your crafting table. Iron golems protect you and your property from hostile mobs and from other players.

  1. Craft iron blocks

    Make iron blocks on your crafting table by placing iron ingots in each of the nine spaces. Add all four iron blocks to your inventory. Smelt iron ore to create iron ingots for even more iron golems.

  2. Collect pumpkins

    Find pumpkins on the surface, and cultivate them. Destroy pumpkins with any tool in your hand, and then collect the block. Transport pumpkins back to your crafting table to use with iron blocks. Farm pumpkins from seeds to have an endless supply. Craft a jack o'lantern with one pumpkin block in the center of your crafting table and a torch in the spot directly below it. Your jack o'lantern's face is lit by the torch inside, making it somewhat easier to see the iron golem at night.

  3. Craft an iron golem

    Create one iron golem by placing four iron blocks in a "T" shape on your crafting table. Put one iron block each in the middle row, followed by one iron block in the bottom space of the middle column. Next, place the pumpkin in the top space of the middle column. You must place the pumpkin last to make the process work.

  4. Arrange your golems

    Put iron golems around your house or outdoor space to defend your property from zombies, endermen, spiders, creepers and witches. Create some kind of enclosure to keep your iron golems from wandering off. A fenced-in meadow or flat space surrounding your house offers a wide-open area for your sentries to wander and kill hostile mobs.