To make a paper car, roll a piece of paper into a cylinder, then attach wheels to it at the ends and put a seat through a hole on the top. Decorate the car with stickers, if desired.

For building a paper car, gather supplies including paper, glue, a pipe cleaner, a stapler, stickers to decorate the car, and some tissues. The paper can be special construction paper or one intended for the recycling bin.

Step 1: Create the body of the car

Make a cylinder, which is the body of the future car, by using half of a sheet of paper, cut along a widthwise fold. Staple the long edges together first, then close the ends of the cylinder using the stapler.

Step 2: Attach the wheels

Insert four pieces of the pipe cleaner, each 5 inches long, through the holes made near the ends of the cylinder with a pencil. Use a template or the end of a glass to draw four circles on a piece of paper. Cut those out. Push the wheels on the pipe cleaner pieces. Secure the wheels with the ends of the pipe cleaners.

Step 3: Put in a seat

On the top part of the car, carve a semi-circle. Put tissue paper inside the body of the car through this hole. Cut a circle out of paper, then shape it into a seat inside the hole. Attach the seat to the inside with glue.

Step 4: Decorate the car

Put stickers on the car. If the car is made with white paper, paint it.