"Need for Speed: ProStreet" has a more detailed damage system than previous games in the series and an enhanced performance tuning feature. Unlike most games in the series, "Need for Speed: ProStreet" doesn't have any illegal street racing.

The majority of the games in the "Need for Speed" series don't show much damage to cars during the race. In "Need for Speed: ProStreet," any object is able to damage or break off part of a car, and in some cases even total the car. Damage also affects car performance.

The game has autosculpt, a feature that was first found on "Need for Speed: Carbon." However, that game only let players use autosculpt on certain body kits. In "Need for Speed: ProStreet," players can use the feature on any body kit. Subsequent "Need for Speed" games have also featured autosculpt.

Customizing a car or using autosculpt in "Need for Speed: ProStreet" both affect that car's performance. One feature, the wind tunnel, lets players test cars after customizing them. This feature is only available on certain gaming systems.

All the tracks in "Need for Speed: ProStreet" are closed, which means that all the game's races are legal. This makes it the first "Need for Speed" game in over 10 years without illegal racing.