To remove iron-on-patch glue, apply the household solvent Goo Gone to both the back and front of the fabric. After waiting a few minutes to let the cleaner soak in, wipe glue residue off with a paper towel, and scrub any leftover glue with a toothbrush. Repeat the procedure on the front as many times as needed to make the glue disappear.

  1. Apply Goo Gone to the back

    Put down paper towels to blot up excess liquid. Pour Goo Gone onto the back of the fabric behind the glue residue. Make sure the fabric is saturated in the solvent.

  2. Clear away the glue

    Use paper towels to wipe up loosened adhesive from the front of the fabric.

  3. Apply Go Gone to the front

    Place paper towels under the fabric, and then put additional Goo Gone on the front of the fabric where any glue residue remains.

  4. Scrub the adhesive

    Use an old toothbrush to scrub away any glue that remains. Wipe residue away with a paper towel, if necessary.

  5. Repeat the process

    Add more solvent to the front, and continue to scrub with a toothbrush. Repeat this process until the glue has been completely removed.

  6. Clean the fabric

    Launder the fabric normally to remove any solvent that has been left behind.