To write riddles for a treasure hunt, you need inspiration on how to write rhymes. A great place to find inspiration for riddles is in books that rhyme.

  1. Read books with rhymes

    Read Dr. Seuss or nursery rhyme books to help give you inspiration to write riddles, explains Scavenger Hunt Fun. These books can give you the feel for writing rhyming clues. If you have kids, you can search through their bookshelves, or you can go to the local library.

  2. Find easy-to-remember rhymes

    Look in the books for rhymes that you know or ones that are easily remembered. It is best to find rhymes that use words that can be easily replaced with new words. You can use these rhymes to help write riddles of your own.

  3. Make rhymes of your own

    Take the rhymes you find in the books, and change the wording around. With this method, you can create all kinds of riddles. Use your own clues in place of the words to create a new rhyme of your own. For example, the rhyme "one, two, buckle my shoe" could become "one, two, find my shoe. My yellow sneaker holds a clue," as stated by Scavenger Hunt Fun.