According to IGN, there is no cheat that unlocks every car in ?Midtown Madness? on the PC. However, players can choose to start with a special car by entering pre-determined names and choosing certain vehicles. For example, players can choose to drive a delivery truck by entering their name as ?vadelivery? and choosing the Ford F360.

IGN says that these special vehicles can even be used in multiplayer mode by entering the pre-determined name as the nickname. Other special cars that players can choose to drive include the green cab, which is unlocked by entering the name ?vataxicheck? and choosing the Cadilac, and the random limo, which is unlocked by entering the name ?valimo? and choosing the Mustang GT.

According to IGN, there are other codes that can be entered when naming a player. For example, if the player enters his name as ?Showme Cops,? the police units are displayed on the player's mini map. Other examples of this include the name ?Warp Eleven,? which makes all of the computer players 10 times faster than normal, or ?Jet Planes,? which turns all of the traffic vehicles into airplanes. Although these codes are fun, players cannot use these codes and save their in-game score.