To string Swarovski suncatchers, thread the wire through the crimp bead, and compress it with the crimping pliers. Thread the wire through the crystals in the order your prefer, then finish with a crimp bead at the end. This project requires Swarovski crystals, some beading wire, at least two crimp beads, a pair of side cutter pliers and a pair of crimping pliers.

  1. Cut the string

    Measure the length of string you need for the design you have in mind. Use a pair of side cutter pliers to cut the appropriate length of string.

  2. Seal one end of the string

    Thread the string through a crimp bead. Loop the string around, and push it back through the hole of the crimp bead. This eliminates the need to tie knots. Compress the string around the crimp using crimping pliers.

  3. Assemble the Swarovski crystals

    Arrange the crystals according to your desired design, and thread the string through each one. Take care to follow the correct order you want since one misplaced crystal can take away from the overall look of the suncatcher. Use as many crystals as you want, but keep in mind the length of the string you cut, and leave a provision for the crimp bead at the end.

  4. Seal the other end

    After finishing your design, make another crimp bead seal at the end. Cut off any excess wire using the side cutter pliers.