To play "Minecraft Tower Defense 1," protect your home from invaders by digging a road to your house and placing four tower types. Create the pathway to your house by using a shovel, and then place the towers in a defensive arrangement.

"Minecraft Tower Defense 1" involves various types of enemies, including zombies, spiders and other monsters. The towers allow you to attack and eliminate the monsters before they reach your home.

At the start of the game, use a shovel to dig the road, and choose strategic areas for building the towers. Long, winding routes are more favorable compared to short, straight paths. When digging paths, dig more rather than less to ensure that they delay the enemies from reaching your home quickly. Additionally, digging a lot helps you uncover resources that you can use to win the game.

Earn money for placing the towers and setting traps by killing the enemies. You lose a heart if you fail to protect your home from the monsters, and losing all of your allotted hearts ends the game. If you survive the game, you open up new maps and places, such as the Dungeon and the Nether.

Building and positioning the towers requires using your computer mouse. Click on a path block to place a tower, and click anywhere on the road to access the traps menu. Upgrade your towers and improve your traps to eliminate a higher number of monsters effectively.