In the game "Jaws Unleashed," players play as Jaws, working their way through a variety of areas mostly by killing humans and causing general destruction. The game is available for the PlayStation 2, the original Xbox and for computers running Windows.

To finish the game, players must complete a series of missions that advance the story. The game is partially open-world, and players are able to ignore missions at certain points while they explore the game world. The game features a "hunger" meter that constantly depletes, however, and players must find sea life or humans to eat to replenish it.

In addition to biting, Jaws is able to charge and ram objects with his head and whip his tail. Players need these skills in missions requiring destruction of structures and vehicles such as docks and boats. Players also gradually earn points over the course of the game that they use to power Jaws up, and once enough points accumulate, players can unlock further types of attacks.

While roaming the open world, Jaws encounters relatively little resistance, but missions often require the player to face armed enemies like divers and gunboats. Players also battle an orca as part of one mission.