Evie is not a game; rather, it is artificial intelligence software that allows chatting. To communicate with the Evie artificial intelligence, go to Existor.com and submit a message, as of June 2015. Evie responds to each message.

Rollo Carpenter created the artificial intelligence in 1988. Its name, Evie, is an acronym for Electronic Virtual Interactive Entity. The software presents the face of a woman as its avatar, and when a message is entered, the avatar moves as it responds. Evie bases its responses on a database of previous conversations, although it learns from less than 1 percent of its conversations.

If a user's device doesn't have the necessary programs installed, the avatar for Evie is a set of static pictures that don't move. Evie is able to communicate in several languages, including English, Polish, Spanish, French and German. It is also able to speak certain languages out loud. Users with the correct browser installed can send messages to Evie by speaking into a microphone.

Existor was founded in 2007. In addition to promoting Evie, the company also offers Cleverbot, a chat program that uses the same software. Cleverbot is available online and as a smartphone application. Unlike Evie, it doesn't have an avatar. Existor offers several other artificial intelligence applications and games.