To play the “Earn to Die 3” game online, use the direction keys on your keyboard to control the vehicle. Press the up key to accelerate and press the left or right keys to turn. Press the down key to slow down.

“Earn to Die 3” begins with scenes from the previous chapter of the game. The main character in the game has managed to cross the desert and is heading to the military base where fellow survivors gather. The game features three levels where the player uses one vehicle for each level. Available vehicles include a red truck, a fire engine and a military transport vehicle.

Click Garage on the menu to modify your vehicle by adding new features such as engine upgrades, tires, guns and zombie kits. You must have enough money in the game account to purchase the equipment. Click the Go button located at the top right corner of the page to launch the game and begin earning points as you play. Check the distance bar at the top of the page as you play the game to find out how far you have traveled from your current location to the destination marked on the map.