To play Disney XD games online for free, go to the Games page on the Disney XD section of Click on any game to play it.

Visit the home page, and click on TV. Click on Disney XD. Click on Play Games, and then choose a game under the All Disney XD Games heading.

Each game page has the game, a short description of it, other recommended games and other games in the same genre. The page also names the television show related to the game and what day the show airs. Game instructions are accessible from within the game.

Disney XD games are free for online play. The Disney XD site also features video clips and full episodes of many shows. Each Disney XD show has its own page, which includes video and game content related to that show.

Launched on Feb. 13, 2009, Disney XD is designed for pre-teens and young teenagers. Its content includes live-action series and animated shows. The casts of Disney XD's original series are predominantly male, although there are exceptions, such as the sitcom "Crash & Bernstein." This contrasts with Disney Channel original programs, where casts tend to have an even distribution of male and female actors.