Beautify your gifts or other items by decorating them with raffia bows. Folding a raffia bow is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. All you need is your hand and plenty of raffia ribbon.

  1. Wind the raffia around your hand

    Take a strand of raffia 54 inches long. Place it across your hand so one end is only 6 inches long. Wrap the long end around the palm of your hand several times until you only have 6 inches left. Now you have two short tails.

  2. Make the bow

    Slip the looped raffia off your hand. Pinch the middle of the loop so that you have two smaller loops. These become the two halves of the bow. Wrap one tail a few times around the middle and repeat the process with the other tail. Tie a knot with the two tails to anchor the middle of the bow in place.

  3. Split the tail ends

    Take the two tails of the bow and split them into multiple parts by cutting or tearing them lengthwise all the way up to the center knot. This creates two tails with multiple strands. Tape this new raffia bow to your gift or decoration.