To color your food gold, use turmeric and cocoa powder as a homemade food coloring. Start with just a little turmeric, and gradually add more until you have the color you want. To make the color slightly darker, add a bit of cocoa powder.

  1. Add a bit of turmeric

    Add a bit of turmeric to the food you want to color gold. Start will just a small amount, because turmeric is a very powerful yellow dye. Turmeric is also very pungent, so keep tasting your food to make sure it is not changing the flavor. Turmeric can vary widely in color from deep yellow-orange to bright yellow, so experiment with the amount to get the color you want.

  2. Add cocoa

    If the turmeric is not coloring the food a dark enough gold color for you, add in some cocoa powder. Add it in a little bit at a time to get the color right. Stir it into the food thoroughly to ensure the color remains uniform.

  3. Clean up

    Avoid getting turmeric on your counters or skin, because it can stain. Use a gritty cleaner to get it off of counters. If it's on your skin, rub it with olive oil or castor oil and then with a warm cloth.