Donkey ears are a quick and easy project to complete. Children can make them with minimal supervision. To make these paper donkey ears on a headband, you need brown and pink construction paper, scissors, white glue and clear tape.

  1. Make the ears

    Fold or stack brown construction paper so that you have four layers. Draw a donkey ear of the desired size on the top sheet, and cut through all the layers. Make each ear by gluing two of the ear pieces together. The double layer makes the ears more sturdy. Cut two smaller ear pieces from the pink construction paper, and glue one piece to the inner part of each brown ear.

  2. Make the headband

    Cut a long strip of brown paper 2 inches wide. Wrap the strip around the wearer's head, and cut it to allow an inch of overlap.

  3. Attach the ears

    Wrap the headband around the wearer's head, and mark the proper positions for the ears. Lay the headband flat, and glue the ears in place. Wait until the glue has dried completely before attempting to wear the headband. To wear, wrap the headband around the wearer's head tightly enough so that it doesn't slip. Secure the ends of the headband together with tape.