A ceramic mask is made by molding clay over a plastic bag shaped with newspaper. Paint and decorative materials, such as beads, feathers and shells, finish the mask. You need a pencil, paper, scissors, newspaper, masking tape, a plastic bag, air-dry clay, shaping and cutting tools, a damp sponge, a plastic straw, acrylic paints, a paint brush, permanent markers, an assortment of decorative materials, a hot glue gun and 18 inches of hanging wire.

  1. Design your mask on paper

    Use a pencil to sketch your mask design onto paper. Make the drawing the same size as the mask you plan to make.

  2. Cut out the design

    Use scissors to cut out the mask design. This is your template for cutting the clay slab.

  3. Make a newspaper mound

    Shape newspapers into a mound about the same size as your mask. Use masking tape to keep it rounded.

  4. Cover the newspaper with the plastic bag

    Cover the newspaper mound with the plastic bag. Use tape to keep the bag in place over the newspaper.

  5. Roll out the clay slab

    Roll out a slab of clay evenly to approximately 3/8 inch thickness.

  6. Cut the slab, and trace features onto the clay

    Lay the paper mask plan over the clay slab. Use a clay trimming tool to cut the clay around the edges of the paper. Use a clay shaping tool to press the mask features onto the clay through the paper.

  7. Shape the clay over the newspaper

    Drape the clay evenly over the newspaper mound. Use a damp sponge to smooth around the bottom edges.

  8. Add features and details to the mask

    Use the clay shaping tools to add additional clay coils and slabs to build the features of the mask. Add lines, designs, textures and shapes. Use a plastic straw to poke two holes across from the eyes at the sides of the mask. Allow the mask to dry.

  9. Paint and decorate the mask

    Use acrylic paint to paint the mask, and let it dry. Add additional colors and details with the permanent markers. Attach decorations such as feathers, beads, ribbon and shells to embellish the mask.

  10. Attach wire to the holes

    When the mask is completely dry, attach the hanging wire to the holes in the side of the mask by threading the wire through the holes and twisting it to secure it.