Making a toga from a bed sheet involves simply wrapping and draping the sheet around the body in a strategic fashion. Knots or pins keep the toga in place and add security.

  1. Gather supplies

    A white flat sheet is best for a traditional toga look. The elastic of a fitted sheet makes it too difficult to drape and fold properly. Safety pins, clips or brooches are needed as well and can be hidden or incorporated into the overall look of the toga.

  2. Begin wrapping

    Togas can be wrapped on either side of the body. Choose a side, and hold the corner of the sheet even with the chin. Allow 6 to 8 inches of fabric to remain above the hand. Drape the sheet tightly against the chest, and tuck it under the opposite arm.

  3. Wrap around the back and repeat

    Bring the sheet around the back, in front of the chest and under the arm again. Continue to wrap around the back. Make sure each wrap is secure and firm.

  4. Tie knots and secure

    With the first corner still held tightly in the hand, pull the second corner of the sheet up around the back. Knot the corners together firmly at the shoulder. Use hidden safety pins to secure the sheet in place. A brooch can be used to pin the layers together and add flair to the toga.