To create a sun-ray necktie quilt, arrange ties in a star-burst pattern, and sew them together for the center of the quilt. Cut fabric to fit the border of the quilt, and sew the ties to the fabric. Add a single back piece of fabric, and sew together.

To create a Dresden plate-patterned necktie quilt, arrange the ties into several small flower petal patterns, and sew them together. Decide if you want to leave the petals pointed or round the end of the neckties for a traditional petal. Place one flower in the middle of the quilt, and arrange the other flowers around the central one. Fill in the rest of the quilt with fabric cut to fit, and sew the pieces together. Add a single back fabric piece to finish the quilt.

For a patchwork necktie quilt, cut the neckties into squares or triangles of the same size, and include a seam allowance. Stitch all the pieces together at the seam allowance. Add a single piece of backing fabric and some optional batting for a thicker quilt. Bind the edges, or hand sew to hide the seam.

To make a block quilt, cut pieces from each tie, and arrange the pieces into blocks. Use the blocks to create an interesting pattern. Use scrap pieces of the neckties to create the border of the quilt. Add a backing piece to complete the quilt.