Cut the mask shape out of cardboard, plastic or another material. Cut out eye, nose and mouth holes. Punch two small holes at the sides and attach string or wire. Then decorate the mask.

  1. Cut out the mask base

    Cut the mask base out of a material, such as cardboard, plastic, metal or construction paper. Cardboard is a good, sturdy choice that is also easy to cut. The shape of the mask is up to you.

  2. Cut holes for facial features

    Cut eye holes to see out of. If the mask goes over your nose and mouth, cut holes in the mask for them. The holes can be any shape you want, from circles and slits, to stars and hearts.

  3. Make head attachment

    Punch a tiny hole on each side of the mask, and attach a string or wire to both holes. This string holds the mask on your face while you are wearing it, so make sure it fits your head.

  4. Decorate the mask

    You can decorate the mask any way you want with whatever materials you want. Some craft supplies you can use to decorate your mask are crayons, beads, chalk, markers, paint, fabric, fake jewels, feathers, flowers, glitter, lace, ribbons, sequins, string and tissue paper.