Create a dispenser in the PC version of Minecraft with seven cobblestone blocks, one redstone dust and one bow. Dispensers shoot projectiles such as arrows, eggs, snowballs, splash potions and fireworks.

  1. Make a bow

    Craft a bow with three sticks and three pieces of string. Place one string each in the right column of your crafting table, and then one stick each in the upper-middle, lower-middle and middle-left spaces of the crafting table. Add the bow to your inventory.

  2. Obtain redstone dust

    Mine deep underground for redstone ore. Notice redstone ore blocks by red coloring on gray cubes that light up when you touch the block. Redstone ore turns into redstone dust for you to collect.

  3. Mine cobblestone

    Find cobblestone blocks near the surface of your Minecraft world. These blocks are common in the game.

  4. Craft the dispenser

    Place the bow in the center space of your crafting table, and put the redstone dust in the slot below the bow. Fill the rest of your crafting table slots with cobblestone. Add the dispenser to your inventory.

  5. Load the dispenser

    Right-click on the dispenser to open its inventory. Load your favorite projectiles into the weapon.

  6. Add a switch

    Make a redstone switch and connect the switch to the dispenser with redstone dust. Flip the switch to discharge the content of the dispensers one at a time.